List of UW data centers compiled (tech update)

This is the first in a regular series of updates for the campus tech community on the Data Center Aggregation (DCA) project, another tech-related effort being led by Administrative Excellence (AE).

UW-Madison operates many campus data centers, server rooms dedicated to maintaining local information systems. An Administrative Excellence team was created to assess the current state of these centers, adopt industry standards for security, power and backup and consider ways to aggregate centers providing redundant services. The aim is to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide affordable, streamlined assistance for the campus. See the AE business case document for more information about the project.

What’s new

We recently added a description of what went in to the all the current work products on the site. Please read the narrative on this page for background before viewing the list of UW campus data centers, a draft list of minimum attributes and specifications for UW-Madison data centers. A set of message points are also on the site. Current developments and project details are outlined elsewhere on the website.

Project Status

The implementation team is in the process of defining the structure and governance of a new central service, defining the set of services to be offered, and identifying the set of hosting facilities where these services will be provided. A pilot to test the new campus data center service is planned for fall 2013.

FAQ updates

Q: What if I have unique data management needs?

A: The team is working hard to create a model that will provide maximum flexibility of service, while delivering efficient and consistent operations and governance. If you have unique requirements that you believe might not be addressed by this project, please contact the project team leaders at to discuss them.

See additional FAQs.

Other news

Get updates from each of the campuswide teams here: Campus Services, Facilities, and Organization and Governance.

If you have any questions about the project or the information presented in this email, please contact the DCA team.

AE Data Center Aggregation Transition Team