The Campus Services Sub-Team

The primary goal of the campus services sub-team was to identify the set of baseline service requirements service levels that a campus-level data center service should provide. The scope of these baseline service requirements included both physical and virtual data center needs and preferences and the service attributes of suitable hosting facilities, both on campus and off campus. The scope of their work explicitly excluded areas such as cost and pricing models, specific methods for the provision of services and other aspects addressed within other areas of the AE Data Center Aggregation implementation project.


The process used by the sub-team focused on collecting, understanding, and documenting the “voice of the customer” to ensure that new service offerings will meet the critical needs and preferences of campus. To accomplish this the team:

  • Reviewed the outcomes of the Data Center Aggregation Focus Group held by the Phase II Administrative Excellence team in summer 2012 and then identified the appropriate areas for data collection.
  • Developed an interview template to guide conversations through relevant topics such as data storage, networking, security, remote access, and availability. Interview participants were selected from a cross-section of campus customers and stakeholders. Interviewees included a broad range of data center service customers and their providers.
  • Analyzed trends in interview responses and segmented these into logical service categories and related service attributes. Once organized, the team distilled minimum requirements within each service category (and also often within specific service attributes). The sub-team also captured and (separately) documented service requirements above and beyond the baseline service levels.

The Campus Services sub-team completed its deliverables in April 2013.

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