DCA Project Update (August 2014)

This website is for historic purposes only and will not be updated with new content. The Data Center Aggregation project was completed when the team delivered its final report, which was approved on January 30, 2014. A new unit, called Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI), was established to implement the DCA recommendations. That unit is called the Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI) initiative.


UW-Madison operates many campus data centers, server rooms dedicated to maintaining local information systems. An Administrative Excellence team was created to assess the current state of these centers, adopt industry standards for security, power and backup and consider ways to aggregate centers providing redundant services. The aim is to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide affordable, streamlined assistance for the campus.

The Project

In March of 2012, a cross-campus team surveyed data center administrators and identified opportunities for efficiencies via an aggregated data center model. For all of the details on the team’s findings and recommendations, download a PDF of the full business case for the data center aggregation project.

Project sub-teams were then developed in three functional areas:

  1. Campus Services – engaged with customers to determine requirements
  2. Facilities – completed an inventory of campus data centers and suggested a set of minimum standards based on industry best practices.
  3. Organization and Governance – charged with integrating the findings of the Campus Services and Facilities sub-teams to deliver a campuswide data center services offering.

Next Steps (June – September 2013)

The Campus Services and Facilities sub-teams have completed their tasks and will now focus their efforts through the Organization and Governance sub-team on defining, developing and delivering a data center service.

  • Create a draft charter for the ongoing governance committee
  • Complete a standard cost model for physical data center facilities on campus
  • Draft recommended incentives for campus units to utilize the future-state central data center service